Sandy Park employing cutting-edge technology in the battle against Covid 19

Hygi-Safe Panel

By Jack Lewis


As the world continues to be gripped by the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s more important than ever to look to innovation to create a safe working environment.

Here at Sandy Park, keeping our customers and staff, as well as the Exeter Chiefs playing squad, safe and well is paramount and today we are incredibly proud to say we have partnered with the Hygi-Group to install their ground-breaking alloy plates around the stadium.

Identical in appearance to Stainless Steel, the HygiSafe, copper-based alloy has been proven to kill many viruses and bacteria on impact, including eradicating the Covid-19 virus within two hours. When compared to stainless steel, which can safely harbour viruses for multiple days, this marks a dramatic breakthrough in the development of Covid-secure working conditions.

Mark Isaacs, Stadium Operations Manager at Sandy Park, said: “We were introduced to these innovative products via one of our key sponsors, Troy, who have links with the Hygi metal product. It has already made our changing rooms area safer for players, staff and opposition teams – and we look forward to further development with our new East Stand.

“The cleanliness of the stadium, from a clinical perspective, is really important to us. People will know this is a really safe stadium to visit and that’s the confidence everybody needs with things opening back up again.” 

With the launch of the product being facilitated under strict embargoed conditions, only those closely and locally associated with the business in Devon have been able to sample the product.

Exeter Rugby Club Chairman and Chief Executive, Tony Rowe OBE, added: “The health and safety of players, staff and fans are always at the forefront of our minds. You can’t see any difference, but now we have something that kills the virus. Player safety is prominent in our thinking all the time and people do look to us to lead the way. This will assist us in keeping down any viruses and germs.”

Developed in conjunction with Bill Keevil, Professor of Environmental Healthcare, the Hygi Metal is likely to be a game-changer for the construction industry, and form a significant product as we look to manage the health and safety of touch surfaces.

Sandy Park and Exeter Chiefs are delighted to support the promotion and production of this vital technological development and to showcase the incredible work being done by one of our partners here in the South West. It is important for all businesses to look closely at their own practices at a time like this, to evaluate how they can improve their setting for visitors and staff alike, and we believe that by installing the Hygi Metal in our stadium we are taking a step towards ensuring Sandy Park is a safe and secure environment. 

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